How to Choose a Pos System for a Small Business?

The choice of POS equipment for a catering establishment is a serious and responsible business. Not only does each format of catering establishment have its own characteristics, but also the requirements for equipment are very high here. There is always a risk of spilling and spilling something, besides, POS equipment is most often placed next to the kitchen, where hot oil vapors mix with moisture and dust and penetrate into the equipment. What should you pay attention to when choosing equipment for public catering establishments?

Complex Solutions for Automation

POS-system is an automation solution for dynamically growing companies. The solution is designed for the automation of small trade enterprises engaged in various fields: from food retail and food retail to HoReCa. We have taken care in advance that you have a margin of productivity for fast and successful development. At the heart of the solution is a high-performance all-in-one based on the Intel Cedar Trail processor, designed for those with special demands on automation quality!

POS systems are a new line of products for complex automation of retail of any format and field of activity, ready for the requirements of 54-FZ. The main differences between POS systems are the components that make up their composition:

  • equipment models;
  • operating system: Windows or Linux;
  • cash register program: Frontol xPOS or the most functional Frontol Trade.

A feature of this model is the ability to power any model of the FPrint fiscal recorder directly from the monoblock. This eliminates unnecessary wires. Thanks to a special mount, the fiscal recorder, and the terminal make up a compact, ergonomic design that will fit even on the smallest cash register. Moreover, any structural unit can be easily disconnected if necessary (for example, for repair or replacement). Also, the new POS terminal has great potential for growth: for example, it can be retrofitted with a touch screen or a built-in banknote detector.

Thus, the peculiarities of small business include a large volume of small business in the aggregate of all types of business; the value of small business development, as it makes up a large share of the country’s income; receiving various subsidies and grants; the possibility of obtaining a soft loan on very favorable terms for the development of your business; the possibility of combining the main job and additional income in the form of a small firm.

POS Equipment for Small Business: Choosing the Right One

When choosing POS equipment for the automation of catering establishments, the owner may be tempted to save money and supply a self-assembly solution. Of course, at the acquisition stage, the savings will seem significant, because the difference in cost between specialized professional equipment and an ordinary computer is obvious.

For commercial enterprises, such household computers at least sometimes can be an adequate alternative to professional equipment. But if you remember the conditions in which this equipment will have to work, it is easy to guess that conventional devices will not “survive” for a long time in such conditions. And repair or purchase of new equipment will reduce all savings from the acquisition to zero.

In addition, there is no reason to talk about the stable operation of such solutions and compatibility with specialized devices. Therefore, the desire to save money almost always ends with the fact that the restaurant owner understands the need to purchase professional POS equipment. It is much wiser to immediately realize which functions and properties of the system are really needed, and which will be redundant, and purchase a solution that exactly meets the requirements.