Virtual data room service as a powerful tool of a fundraising process

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Data room software is a universal and multifunctional development already being used by well-known companies of various directions. The fundraising process is one of them. So, how to use this software solution in fundraising transactions?

Digital data room – the ideal digital solution for fundraising

Intelligent information technologies are firmly entrenched in the business world: the expansion of the technological possibility of exchanging opinions, resource management, electronic bidding, and electronic document exchange. In one way or another, many organizations are related to the issue of regulating electronic document management. It is due to the ever-expanding scope of e-commerce, i.e., carrying out transactions using the Internet. In this case, fundraising is not an exception.

Fundraising is not just a social fundraising for charity but a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Its purpose is to attract resources for the implementation of the tasks of the organization. Resources can be financial investments and technologies, tools, equipment, and personnel. Thus, due diligence procedure takes place here.

According to, data room technology is implemented in fundraising transactions to optimize data management, organize investment strategy, and set up analytics and reporting. Thus, this software is of paramount importance for the correct and timely processing of this data.

How to organize a fundraising data room?

If you need to share commercial or confidential data with customers, partners, and potential investors, real email, cloud storage, or printed documents is by no means the first way. Virtual data rooms are the highly secure cloud storage to which you upload a file, share it while having access options selected for the user, and bring information at any price tag with the document. You can restrict access by time and turn on a special safe mode, in which no snapshot of the display can be taken. They can also revoke access if necessary.

The solution features a cloud data repository managed by the individual investment manager, supporting fundraising and reporting, as well as digitized initial subscription documentation with embedded analytics. Unlike traditional methods of sharing material such as email or post, data room service protects data while reducing the time it takes to find and onboard investors.

Data room capabilities

Digital data room ensures the following possibilities for companies during the fundraising process:

  • Organizing document management – the system will not allow you to assign the same number to different documents since this will happen in order and automatically;
  • Tracking the position of each document – at any time, you can find out exactly who is working with the document. The employee will not be able to spoil or lose it. A document deleted accidentally or on purpose can still be restored;
  • Acceleration of document processing – if the company’s departments are scattered across several buildings, then a paper document must be personally carried there for approval. With data room, the necessary document reaches the employee in a fraction of a second;
  • Convenient work with versions – when editing, the system saves each version. If necessary, you can track who and when made changes to the document;
  • Round-the-clock remote access – if necessary, access to the system can be organized via the Internet from any computer in the world. An employee can work with documents while on a business trip, on vacation or on sick leave;
  • Work scheduling – by specifying the creation date and due date, you can plan the execution of incoming documents according to the queue;