Best Business Networking Apps

The insidiousness of overloads lies in the fact that they reinforce themselves according to the principle of feedback. If the client timed out, then the error that occurred will not be our only problem. To make matters worse, all the work that the server has already done on this request will be wasted. And when the system is overloaded, when resources are limited, it cannot afford to be wasted.

Top 5 Business Networking Apps

Novice and experienced video bloggers know well how difficult it is to find the perfect program to stream. It should have the most convenient and uncomplicated interface, not overload the computer, provide at least a basic set of features, and preferably be free. We offer for your choice 5 of the best networking apps which are popular among video bloggers.

1. OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) has already been evaluated by thousands of streamers. It is a completely free and open-source software that can be used for video recording as well as streaming without any restrictions. There are versions for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

OBS Studio allows the user to broadcast up to 8 scenes without loss of video and audio quality. Switching between them is carried out smoothly due to transitions. A set of filters (chromakey, mask, color correction, etc.) for video sources is available.

2. XSplit Broadcaster allows you to stream online to YouTube, Twitch, and other services.

The program has tools for capturing images, broadcasting from the monitor screen, game consoles, and webcams. The picture is processed and sent to the server. A flexible system for adjusting video parameters (quality, resolution, frame rate, etc.) is available.


Owners of notebooks and computers with NVIDIA GPUs should be familiar with this program. Its main purpose is to quickly and easily update video card drivers. To start using the utility, all you need to do is download GeForce Experience for free and create an account.

4. FFSplit is a free program for online broadcasts to any server or popular streaming resources.

Allows you to transfer an image from a webcam and screen (with the ability to select the capture area). At the same time, you can turn the broadcast into a regular video of the desired format. To do this, you must specify the local disk on the PC as the final source.

5. Shareware Bandicam is one of the simplest tools for recording video and conducting online broadcasts.

It allows you to capture a selected area of the screen, simultaneously connect an image from a webcam or other device, add system sound and audio from a microphone. Separately, there is a game mode for recording gameplay with displaying the FPS value.

The Importance of Business Networking Apps

The main menu is a preview mode with various settings for the displayed scenes, layers, and sound volume. An additional option is text overlay. It is impossible to stream and save the video at the same time. Moreover, clients often re-submit their requests. This multiplies the load on the system. The call graph in a service-oriented architecture is deep enough (that is, a client calls a service that calls other services, and they call other services).


  • flexible settings for online broadcasting;
  • free functionality without restrictions;
  • preview and work with scenes;
  • fast switching between broadcast modes;
  • overlay text.


  • not many languages;
  • full DirectX update on the first launch (takes time);
  • you cannot save the stream recording and broadcast at the same time.