5 Trends That Will Impact Popular Technologies in the Coming Decades

Definition. The use of new technology in business is to take an existing product or service and make it better. It also denotes that the old forms of doing business are being replaced by new technology.


Definition. “New technology” can be defined as a new set of tools, procedures, systems, or means of performing business, or as a new set of social values. It has been defined as such since technology has affected every industry including banking, education, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, communications, government, and technology in general. This way of thinking is changing the business practices and rules and making it easier for businesses to adapt to change.


Impact. According to statistical research, technology has been the most important factor responsible for the changes in business trends. There are many new technologies or innovations emerging every day, and most of these have an impact on the business world. These changes are being measured using historical data and from current practices to provide an idea of the future prospects of new technologies. Changes in business are being predicted for the coming decade.


Trends. Trends are changes that are occurring in a specific industry or in every industry over time.

There are several trends that have been predicted for the upcoming years. Trends include augmented reality, digital marketing, 3D technology, social media, cloud computing, and smartphones. These are just a few of the new technologies that will emerge in the next decade. Augmented reality refers to the use of digital information technology to create a virtual experience, while digital marketing refers to the use of mobile media to promote products and services.


Business processes and structure. Trends in business processes and structures are changing every year. Business processes such as accounting, HR, customer service, and finance have been identified as among the upcoming technologies for the coming years. This is because business processes are now integrating technology to create new business opportunities.


AI. Artificial intelligence is one of the upcoming technologies that have been predicted for the upcoming years. AI technology will be used by many big names including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to create new business opportunities. For example, by using AI to scan the books in a bookstore and categorize them into different categories such as e-books, books in hardback, fiction, and non-fiction, Amazon will be able to maximize their customer’s buying power.


Personal profiling. Another upcoming technology is called personal profiling.

This is also an offshoot of artificial intelligence. Personal profiling will be used by large businesses like Hilton and Saks to predict what kind of shoppers they will have at a certain time of the year. The use of a personal profile will help businesses make strategic decisions to better serve their customers.


Data analytics by board portal. In the tech trend of the future, data analytics will play a crucial role. It will be used by companies to analyze consumer behavior and brand loyalty to identify opportunities and threats. By gathering information from the internet, users’ activities, and purchases data analytics will help businesses make smart decisions on product and service design, advertising strategies, and customer service.


Machine learning. In the next years, machine learning will most likely replace traditional forms of analytics. Traditional analytics are still being used by some businesses but more often it is used by big data analytics companies to analyze massive amounts of data collected from diverse sources. Machine learning will speed up this process and increase its accuracy. With machine learning, businesses can access tons of information from the internet easily and quickly. However, because of its effectiveness, it is rapidly replacing traditional analytics.


Social media. The use of social media in the new era of the internet is one of the biggest transformations taking place in business. Millions of people have joined Facebook and Twitter. This is mainly because of the ease of using these platforms. Moreover, social media is impacting industries such as travel, food services, and entertainment because it allows businesses to interact with their consumers.


Artificial intelligence. In the coming years, artificial intelligence is going to be one of the biggest factors that affect industries. It will most likely replace traditional forms of analytics because of its ability to process large amounts of data and information. Companies will no longer need to hire a large number of analysts because an artificially intelligent system will do it for them.


Although the technology has not yet reached the mainstream, there are already companies like Cogent that are using AI technology to deliver better customer service. Overall, AI technology trends for the coming years and decades will continue to impact companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook.